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Work 365 Agreements on the Self Service Portal

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Read this article for information about Work 365 Agreements. Here are additional steps that can be taken when displaying agreements on the self-service portal.


Having Customers Confirm and Accept Agreements from the portal

  1. Follow the steps in Work 365 Agreements to create the agreement record in Work 365.
    1. Ensure the Agreement in Work 365 is in a Pending state (top right), and the signed by field is not filled in (this is the default setting after creating a new agreement).
  2. When the agreement shows on the portal, there will be a web top bar notification letting the customer know that the agreement needs to be signed.
  3. On the Agreement Template, ensure the following is configured:
    1. Add an agreement link. This should either be a PDF or HTML link.
    2. If Display inline is checked, the above link will be directly opened on the portal page as an iframe.
    3. If Display Inline is not checked, the link will be displayed  as a link on the page. User will need to click the link to view the agreement details (which will open up in a separate tab)
    4. For a better user experience the display inline should be checked; however, some links may not work in an iframe. In such cases the display inline should be unchecked for such records.
  4. To add additional notes to the portal agreement page when viewing the agreement, add the note to the portal instructions of the agreement template.
    1. The note will be displayed above the iframe of the document.


After the client has confirmed the agreement, the document can be added as a note to the agreement itself.

Attaching Documents:

To display PDF documents of agreements on the portal:

  1. Go to the customer’s agreement in Work 365
  2. In the note section of the agreement, attach the PDF document.
  3. In the body of the note text add *WEB*

This will display the agreement on the portal.

Note: when a client adds a document to the portal directly, the system will automatically attach this document to the agreement in Work 365 and apply *WEB* to the agreement notes.

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