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Troubleshooting and Error Analysis

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View Error logs for Work 365 Add-Ons

You may in rare cases run into some issues using our products. These issues might probably be caused due to a specific business process at your end, any updates/upgrades to the Dynamics 365 product.

To help debug, you can access detailed error logs for any issues with Work 365 Add-Ons.

If any server-side exception occurs with the Work 365 Add-Ons an error message is shown by default.

The below screenshot shows a sample error message from our ‘Record Clone’ product.

The error message screen may differ depending on the product installed.

message from webpage

In events such as these, detailed error logging should be available in the ‘Plugin Trace Log’ entity.

One would need “System Customizer” or ‘System Administrator’ role to access these logs.

Follow the below steps to access these error logs.

  1. Log in to the CRM system with a user having the above roles.
  2. Go to Settings ➤ Administration ➤ System Settings and open the ‘Customization’ tab
    1. Ensure the value in the ‘Enable logging to plug-in trace log’ is set to ‘All’ or ‘Exception’. Click the ‘Ok’ button system setting for Dyn 365
  3. Perform the action which was done on the Work 365 product again to regenerate the error.
    Note: This step is only needed if the value in #2 above was set as ‘Off’ when the issue occurred
  4. Open ‘Advanced Find’  and look for ‘Plug-in Trace Logs’ entity.
    Select ‘Type Name’ as a filter
    Note: The value to be searched for ‘Type Name’ depends on the product installed. Use the table below identify the value you need

    Work 365 Add-On Name ‘Type Name’ Value (to be searched)
    Record Clone IOTAP.AddOn.RecordClone2016.Clone
    Report Scheduler IOTAP.AddOn.ReportScheduler
    Email to Case Automation IOTAP.AddOn.EmailToCase

    The screenshot below displays advanced find being used to search for ‘Record Clone’ logs

    record clone logs

    Click on ‘Results’

  5. On the results page, sort on the ‘Execution Start Time’ field to make sure the latest record displays first
    The screenshot below shows the logs generated for our ‘Record Clone’ product.record clone logs 2
  6. Open up the latest record and scroll down to the ‘Execution’ tabexecution tab
  7. Copy the contents of the ‘Message Block’ and ‘Exception Details’ field and send it across to
    Please do provide additional details with regards to what was the action performed, the entity involved and any other information as such which would help us to resolve the issue sooner.
  8. Ensure that you restore the settings in #2, back to its original value after you accessed the logs.


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