As a Direct Partner How do I know a Customer has signed my Reseller Relationship Request?

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NOTE: As of Version 2.1 this article is no longer valid. Work 365 attempts to auto-match the Provider Accounts using by matching the customer domain with the email of a contact in CRM and sends email notifications to the Account owner for further Action.


Work 365 Automates the Customer Provisioning Process from the from within your Dynamics 365 system.

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For brand new Office 365 customers you can create the tenant directly through the workflow. However for customers that are already setup with the Provider e.g. Already have an Office 365 tenant Partners have to send them a Reseller Request.

The Reseller Request request is accepted by the customer on their own time- however you have no way of knowing the process is complete and they have accepted your Request.

When a customer accepts the reseller relationship,  they are setup in your Partner Center as customer. Work 365 synchronizes all your Partner Center customers between Dynamics 365 and the Partner Center. This is done both as a background Job and an On-demand request.

In the event that background job synchronizes the Customers – it is still possible to be notified through a CRM workflow. This is particularly important

  • if the Partner Center was used directly to provision an account and subscriptions. These subscriptions when they sync will not have the right change log status and may show change logs as failed provisioning.
  • if you want to be notified to go ahead create the billing contract and provision subscriptions

This can be achieved using a simple CRM workflow

1. Create a new Workflow- specify the Provider Account as the entity and chose to run this as a background job.



This is what the workflow setup could look like:

Update the Workflow with the condition to fire the email:

This example shows the condition is on Create of the Provider Account record (this is the action that is performed when it is synced from Partner Center). This condition states that the Account is missing Data


Set the Email template like this:

Select the correct Sender – ensure the Mailbox enabled to send emails and create a contact/distribution group as needed for your internal team to receive the emails.



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