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How to Create Work 365 Service Account

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This article describes the steps to create a Service Account with System Administrator privilege in Dynamics 365 to be used during Work 365 registration process.


  • The user performing these actions should have Global Administrator role in the Azure AD tenant associated with Dynamics 365
  • The user performing these actions should have the System Administrator role in Dynamics 365.

Creating a Work 365 Service Account

  • Create a user in Office 365 to be used as the service account and assign appropriate Dynamics 365 license to it.
  • In Dynamics 365, Navigate to Settings -> Security -> Users. Ensure that the created user is in the list of Enabled Users.

NOTE: this account will be used to perform automated tasks like provisioning subscriptions and generating invoices. This user must not have MFA enabled- enabling MFA will prevent the system user from authenticating. 

It might take few minutes (generally 10-15) for the user to show up in Dynamics 365 after creation in Office 365 Portal.

  • Select the user from the list and click on Promote to Admin button on the ribbon at the top.

promote to admin

  • Dynamics 365 will open a popup to confirm the operation. Click Ok to Proceed.
  • Open the user record. Navigate to the Administration Section. Ensure that Access Mode is set to Read-Write.

Access mode

  • Open an InPrivate browser window and login to Dynamics 365 using the service account.
  • Click on the Settings icon -> Options.

Setting icon options

  • On the General tab, set the TimeZone to the time-zone in which your company operates. If your company operates in more than one timezone, select the timezone where most of the operations take place or the timezone of the HQ.
  • On the Formats tab, set the Current Format to English (United States).

set personal options

Troubleshooting permissions issues with Service Account

In Dynamics 365, Navigate to Work 365 -> Administration -> Configuration. Click on the Reset Service Credentials


  • Enter the credentials of the service account in the form and hit Save. If there is an error such as below while saving the credentials, it usually means that the System Administrator role hasn’t come into effect.

reset service credentials


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