Notifications on Provisioning Status for License Change Logs

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The License Change Log Entity and Records maintain the status of all the Subscription changes that happen with Work 365. The License Change log entity is used during invoicing and is updated to  indicate any provisioning tasks within the system.

This means you can use the status of the License Change Logs to send either failure or success notifications either to an internal team or the end Customer.

Create a New Process

Settings->Processes and Create a New Process.

License Change Notifications

Select the Provisioning Status field for Record Fields Change

Provisioning Status Field Change

Field Selection for License Change

Add the Workflow Steps

Create the workflow steps as as needed. The image above shows two simple steps

  1. To check the condition and status of the change log and
  2. Send the email notification.
Check Provisioning Status

Check Provisioning Status


Send Email Setup

Send Email Setup

Customize the email template with any messages that you need. Include any of the fields you need from the License Change log entity.

Use a Queue or User to send the email Notifications. You will need to setup email profiles and configure the email settings for the sender of this Notification. In the above example the Skyblue Support Queue is used to send the email notifications

The notification is configured to be sent to the Customer (Account). The Account form as an email field ( Email) which will be used to send the customer Notifications. This field can be added to the customer form and maintained for notifications.

Note: Using this method the Provisioning Status can be sent to the Customer email. Although sending success notifications is possible it is probably more important to send internal notifications in case there is a provisioning failure, specially for customers that are using the self-service.  Failures are not as common during the provisioning process and it is important to alert the internal team. Change the conditions, the email body and the recipients to configure a similar email Notification on failures. Its important to include the Provisioning Message on failure.






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