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Permissions Error While Creating Subscriptions

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Users who do not have System Administrator role might see the following permission error if they are creating subscriptions through Product selection on the Subscription form:

Create Entity Error

Root cause of the issue

Fields such as Unit Selling Price, Cost Price, etc on Work 365 Subscription have field level security enabled.  Only System Administrators can view or update these fields.

While creating subscriptions, if a non-Admin user selects a Product on the Subscription form; it triggers Work 365 logic to auto-populate details such as Subscription Name, Part Number, Selling Price, etc in the background by looking up the product details.

Since the user does not have permissions to update Unit Selling Price, the save operation fails.  This issue has been flagged and will be fixed in subsequent releases.


1. Configure Field Security Profile for Unit Selling Price [recommended]

  • Go to Settings > Security.
  • Click Field Security Profiles.
  • Click New, enter a name, such as Work 365 Subscription Access, and click Save.
  • Click Users, click Add, select the users (or teams) that you want to grant access to the Selling Price on the Subscription form, and then click Add.
  • Click Field Permissions, click work365_subscription_unitsellingprice, click Edit, select Yes next to Allow Read/Update and Create, and then click OK.

2. Populate fields on the Subscription form manually without using the Product to auto-populate the fields.


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