Known Issue : Provider form does not allow users to set “Additional Properties” field when Provider Type = Manual Provider

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This issue is related to Work 365 Version 1.8

Problem Definition

When trying to set the “Additional Properties” field for “Work365.Providers.ManualProvider”, you might encounter an issue where the value that you are trying to set is cleared off when you leave the field. This error occurs due to duplicate Business Rules on the “Provider” entity.

During version 1.8, the “AutoPopulateFields” Business Rule was dropped and recreated due to an issue with the existing rule. During solution upgrade to v1.8, Dynamics 365 adds the new Business rule instead of replacing it with the existing rule.

Issue Resolution

To resolve this issue, go to Dynamics 365 menu -> Settings -> Customization -> Customizations.


Click on “Customize the System”.


The Default Solution will open up in a new window. In the solution menu on the left, navigate to Components -> Entities -> Provider-> Business Rules.

Select the “AutoPopulateFields” Business rule where Scope = Information and delete it using the command actions at the top.


Go to the Provider Entity in the solution menu. Click on “Publish” to publish the change.


After completing the above steps, you should now be able to set Additional Properties field on Manual Provider.

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