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Report Scheduler is Not Sending Reports

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To Identify the failures for the Report Scheduler Use the Logs:

  • Check the RS Event Log entity for errors- Open the Item if you see any in the Error Log and check the Description.
  • Check RS Scheduled Reports -> (Under Settings/Extensions)
  • Check Screenshot of RS Event Log -> (Under Settings/Extensions)

Some of the Most common Causes:

Licensing or Email Profile in Dynamics 365 for the user:

To Address the licensing:

Verify the User count ->Settings->Security->Users
Navigate to Settings->Solutions->Report Scheduler-> Profile and License tab
Confirm the Actual user value there.

If its a licensing error you can reduce or manage the number of users in the system using Security Groups in this article or purchase a higher tier.

Changed View or Broken View:

If fields or view items have changed the Report Scheduler may not be able to continue sending the Reports. In this case it is best to create  simple view and Send a Test Email with a new view.

To further troubleshoot the issue – create a New Scheduled Report

  • With simple To fields for the Email recipients
  • Eliminate the complexity in the view
  • Use Advanced find to test the view
  • Modify the times in the existing report to attempt to resend it

Too Many Records in the View:

The Report Scheduler uses the Dynamics CRM resources and services to generate the email required to send a report. This process has an internal limit of 2 minutes. If the view results in more records (generally 500) than the Report Scheduler can handle the report generation and send will fail. In this case modify the View to return a smaller result set by

The resolution here would be to change the view to limit the number of records it generates and how long it takes to process the view.

The report scheduler ignores the minutes in the time part. To run any report instantly, select the scheduled time as the current hour. Any change in scheduled day/days or time will result in re-trigger of report scheduler workflow.

Once you have corrected the error to reschedule the Report Scheduler jobs

  1. Go to RS Scheduled Records
  2. Change the View to find the Records that you want to re-schedule.
  3. If the Next Schedule Date Shows as “ERROR”- open the Record
  4. Click Run Workflow in the Action Command Bar and
  5. Run the On-demand Report Scheduler Workflow
  6. Refresh the page for the Status to confirm the Next Schedule Date


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