Invoice is not getting Generated

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Invoicing in Work 365 is done two modes:

  • Automatically based on the dates in the Billing Contract Dates
  • Or manually using the Generate Invoice Button on the Billing Contract

Invoice generation depends on various dates and data for the process to generate an invoice. Most importantly the service credentials need to be active and working.

Below is a list of things that could prevent the invoice generation

  • Check the Service Credentials and Reset them if they have expired
  • There is nothing to invoice. The ChangeLog dates and the Usage data does not overlap with the Billing Cycle you are using to generate an invoice. Check effective start dates, License Change Logs and the Usage Summary records for Usage-based invoices.  Confirm the dates are within the Billing Cycle periods.
  • You receive the Error message below. Verify that the First Invoice Date field is Not empty. Sometimes the form shows the field, however, the field data is not saved on the Billing Contract. Do an Advanced Find to look up the Billing Contract and the First Invoice Date field to ensure it is not blank. If the First Invoice field is missing you will need to create a new Billing Contract and update the subscriptions to move them over to the new Billing Contract. It is important not to delete the Subscriptions. Always move the Subscriptions to a new Billing Contract and then delete the Billing Contract

invoicing error

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