Upgrade Steps to Version 1.8

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Upgrade to Version 1.8 Requires the following Steps

1. Upgrade the solution.

2. Update Configuration SettingsWork 365 -> Configuration

  • Organization Name: Your Company Name. This setting is used in the email template to send Reseller Requests.
  • Email From: This is the Email alias that is used to send email notifications from the Work 365 application

3. Update the Provider SettingsWork 365 -> Provider

  • Two Additional Properties are Added to the Provider

<resellerRelationshipAuthorizeUrl>[URL to authorize yourself as CSP for a customer goes here]</resellerRelationshipAuthorizeUrl>
<delegatedAdminAuthorizeUrl>[Delegated Admin Authorize URL does here]</delegatedAdminAuthorizeUrl>

Add these XML Tags and properties above the </ProviderProperties> Tag

Find your URL for the CSP Reseller from the Partner Center -> Customers -> Request a Reseller Relationship

This Reseller Relationship will contain special characters that may break the Connectivity with the Partner Center. Use this article to correctly format the URL for the Relationship Request.

For the Microsoft Partner Center Provider: This is what the complete Provider Properties will look like

<domain>[your domain goes here]</domain>
<clientId>[your App ID goes here]</clientId>
<countryCode>[your Region Code goes here]</countryCode>
<currencyCode>[your Region Currency Code goes here]</currencyCode>
<azureBillingStartDay>[your Start Day of Azure Billing Cycle goes here]</azureBillingStartDay>
<resellerRelationshipAuthorizeUrl>[URL to authorize yourself as CSP for a customer goes here- USE THE MODIFIED URL from the ARTICLE]</resellerRelationshipAuthorizeUrl>
<delegatedAdminAuthorizeUrl>[Delegated Admin Authorize URL does here]</delegatedAdminAuthorizeUrl>

Click on the “Verify Connectivity” on the Partner Center Provider.

4. Product Catalog  Setup:

New fields for the Product Catalog setup are available in Version 1.8

Product Price, Costs and Automatic Provisioning are all enabled in version 1.8. The fields on the Product catalog Price and Cost can be used to set prices on the subscriptions.


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