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Subscriptions show up in the change log as Failed Provisioning

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“Failed Provisioning” indicates that the Work 365 has attempted to contact the Provider to provision the Subscription and Failed to confirm that the provisioning is complete. License Change Logs will display the status even when the quantities are correct and the License counts both on the Provider and in Work 365 seem to be in Sync.

Possible Causes:

  • This License Change Log was for a Brand New Subscription where Provider Account Mapping, Customer and Billing Contract¬† is not complete. Check the Provider Account Record and Billing Contract to confirm the data is correctly stetup
  • There was an error in contacting the partner center during the synchronization process.


  • Fix the data issues related to the Provider Account mapping and the subscription
  • Change the status back to “Awaiting Provisioning”

The system will re-process the change logs and attempt to update the status. Changing it to Awaiting Provisioning will not add or modify the Provider Quantities.

License Change Log status can be manually updated.

The system only processes change logs that are in the Awaiting Provisioning Status. If the status changes from the “Failed Provisioning”, the system stops processing those ChangeLogs. Change Log items are created irrespective of the subscription state. For suspended items, you can simply change the ChangeLog status to “Not Applicable”.

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